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vouchAR for Android, find bargains with AR

Submitted by on Sunday, 24 October 2010One Comment

Many companies have released augmented reality browsers and then attempted to make money from the platform. vouchAR have approached the problem slightly differently. Rather than showing users where the nearest train station is and then trying to sneak in the occasional store sponsored promotion, vouchAR is entirely about helping users find nearby discounts.

The application uses the camera window to display a graphical overlay of what nearby businesses are offering discounts. Simply hold up your phone in front of you and you’ll see the discounts appear.  It’s not a new idea, but having a dedicated application does solve the intrusive issue. I.e. I don’t want my phone alerting me to two for one deals in Starbucks as I drive past..

If you’re an Android owner and currently in the UK then give the application a go and see if you can pick up deals, anything from lunchtime snacks to bargain hotels.

Search the Android Market for vouchAR

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