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Shop till you drop with GoldRun

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 November 20102 Comments

I have seen a few augmented reality applications that crossover into the world of combining location with discount vouchers, but GoldRun mixes the the theme by rewarding users by encouraging them to seek out and interacting with content through augmented reality.

GoldRun is a novel concept. Spread out around your city are various virtual objects for you to collect and tasks to complete. Collecting or successfully completing a task will earn you rewards in the form of, prize draws, access to exclusive events, or even discount at certain stores. The tasks are varied and can be as simple as travelling to a location and interacting with a virtual object, or perhaps trying on virtual augmented reality clothes and sharing the results with your friends on Facebook. Some tasks enable you to gain access to store discounts and require to you visit a store such as H&M  and locate a predetermined item in the store. Once you have found it,  take a photo, and then when you checkout you show the photo to the store clerk who will apply a special discount to you purchase.

It not all visiting shops and looking for discounts however, when you collect objects you’ll be told what reward you receive so you have the incentive of going back to discover new items .

The approach is certainly new and it has a game play feel, it will be interesting to see how this grows in the future. If you are shopping for an item, the compulsive shopper type, or even someone who just likes window shopping, then GoldRun will undoubtedly be for you, particularly in the run up to Christmas when securing a discount is on everyone mind. Ultimately GoldRun’s success will be down to what stores they manage to get interested and what promotional content they can bring to keep users engaged and looking for more. But I cant help think I wish I’d thought of the idea.

GoldRun is available free for the iPhone and is currently aimed at the US market with a focus on NYC, but it should be hitting the Android in 2011 and I’m sure the list of shops and rewards will increase.

There was no video that I could embed, but you can find a video on the GoldRun website.

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