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Second International AR Standards Meeting

Submitted by on Thursday, 6 January 20112 Comments

If you are attending Mobile World Congress next month, and you have an interest in augmented reality, you should make plans to attend the augmented reality international standards meeting  taking place on 17th – 19th Feb in Barcelona.

This is a must attend if you are in the augmented reality space.

In the information below you will find the details on how you can register and how you can submit a paper. I look forward to seeing you there.


In What?

Face-to-Face working meeting on the topic of standards for AR


Contribute to the community focusing on the future of open standards for the widespread adoption of Augmented Reality.

Work together to rapidly advance sharing of knowledge about requirements and solutions, discussion of proposals, development of resources for the inclusive, global initiative and establishment of liaisons with other standards bodies with value to AR.


Start: Thursday February 17 13h30
End: Saturday February 19 12h30


Public meeting of experts, evangelists and dedicated people. AR experts as well as those with knowledge of related fields.
All contributions from standards organizations, companies, research institutes and industry bodies are welcome.

This meeting is receiving support from sponsors including Khronos Group, PEREY Research & Consulting and Telefonica I&D Barcelona.


via Augusta 177
Barcelona, Spain

Meeting host is Telefonica I&D

Meeting format?

  • Plenary sessions and breakouts
  • Invited speakers, group knowledge creation and facilitated discussions

Preliminary agenda


Information about registration and the link to registration form is available

More Information

For more information about this meeting, please visit

Call to Action
1. All experts in AR and related subject areas are encouraged to prepare and submit on or before January 17, 2011 one or more position papers following the guidelines

2. Please forward this announcement and invitation to your colleagues and those who you believe are interested. If you prefer, use this LinkedIn event page:

3. To receive periodic announcements regarding the International AR Standards meeting and community, join public mailing list

Any comments/questions may be addressed to Christine

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