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AR Events Coming Soon

Submitted by on Wednesday, 23 February 20114 Comments

During the next few months there are some excellent augmented reality events taking place. If you are in the US then you should be heading towards Santa Clara on the 17th and 18th May for the excellent Augmented Reality Event


Having attended last year it was a great opportunity to meet with many developers state side. I’m trying to figure out a reason to build in a business trip to the US around this time so I get to attend again this year.

Those based in the UK have two events to chose from.

Augmented Reality Summit ( which takes place in London on 16th June and already has some excellent speakers lined up, including:

  • James Alliban (Augmatic)
  • Andy Gstoll (Wikitude)
  • Chris Grayson (Humble)
  • Ken Blakeslee (WebMobility Ventures)
  • King Yiu Chu (Layar)

Augmented Planet 2011
In one of those unfortunate necessities of having to book conference centres so far in advance our own Augmented Planet (AP2011) event falls smack in the middle of both events and  will take place on the 1st and 2nd June. That’s right. We listened to your feedback from previous events where you asked (demanded) a longer conference and as a result we are busy putting together a two day conference for you.

With so many events taking place we are trying not to clash and are focusing on mobile developers and helping companies connect with the right resources.

Day one will be targeted towards showcasing solutions and networking. If you’re looking to meet and network with members of the AR industry then this is ideal networking time for you. If you are attending you can register for your opportunity to pitch your solution/platform in our AR Fast Pitch.

Day two is focused on APIs, platforms and taking applications to market. If you’re a developer and  want to learn how to write mobile AR applications then this is the day for you. Of course we recommend that you attend both days to meet with all the right people.

As AP2011 is a two day event there are some overheads which we need to recoup but our objective is not to make money but to assist the AR industry and help developers understand the development opportunities. Anyone that has attended one of our events in the past know we bring together the very best speakers from the industry and this event will be no exception. We’ll have lots of exciting giveaways for attendees. More details will becoming soon but you can register at:

We have limited exhibiting/sponsorship opportunities, feel free to email us at info @ if you want more info.


Finally ISMAR has been announced and will take place Oct 26-29 in Basel, Switzerland. ISMAR as I sure you’ll know is the leading international Conference on Mixed and Augmented Reality. They have just announced their call for papers so I you are interested in speaking or want to learn more take a look at:

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    Not entirely dedicated to augmented reality, but interesting too, there’s Laval Virtual in France next April:

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