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AR Hockey – 3D Shootout Game

Submitted by on Monday, 21 March 20112 Comments

AR Hockey AR GameI’m not a huge fan of sports. It football (don’t make me say soccer) or nothing for me.  I have been to an American Football game which was 3 hours of my life that could have been put to better use, and a baseball game in Boston where I managed to knock half a pint of Guinness over someone’s head. I was sitting above the exit at the time and stretched out my leg sending a plastic cup half full with Guinness down into the abyss below. Unfortunately someone managed to break the cups fall, let’s say they weren’t happy. The good news however was the guy next to me got the blame but that’s another story.

Hockey looks like a fun sport and if you fancy a game then AR has the answer. Canada’s Arcane Technologies have created an AR game that utilises your webcam and a marker for Best Buy that challenges you to score as many goals as possible in 2 minutes. The challenging part is you use a marker and gravity to control the hockey rink.

Take a look at the game in action here.

You can take up the hockey challenge and test the game on the Best Buy website here.

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  • fart said:

    this sucks it just shows that he’s the only god damn person in the world that has it

  • fart said:

    okay show off what ever you say it’s probably just a retarded fuck hole game

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