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Awesome Augmented Reality Visualisation Projects

Submitted by on Monday, 16 May 20112 Comments

Here are a couple of cool demo that show how augmented reality is being used for visualization. The first demo created by PROJEKTIL, a company based in Switzerland that specialize in visual art experiences, is an interactive augmented reality installation that uses an architectural model and a variety of tricks which include, beamers, lamps and projectors to bring the installation to life.

The only way to describe it is ‘totally awesome’.


As we are talking about awesome, the second demo is from ikikoi, a UK based company who created this evolution of the smartphone for Vodafone. (You can meet Lee one of the designers of this project at Augmented Planet 2011. Remember join our Facebook fan page for an exclusive event registration discount code).

Evolution of mobile

If you are interested in the newest augmented reality visualisation projects, take a look at online masters degree programs in computer science, design, or engineering.

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  • VM said:

    Awesome job! but I had to say that in the strict sense these are not augmented reality applications. The term has been misused a lot. So it is worth clarifying that Augmented Reality in short always require a real time tracking. These applications are fabulous but they are more on the visual installations side, and really good combinations of digital and art applications but is not AR. I want to express that because people tend to say overlays, superpositions, image montage, are AR, which is not. The idea is for people to know the difference a do not let some people sell the term just for marketing purposes.

  • lester (author) said:

    Totally agree with you VM, the term is way overused, particularly with iOS apps. Ask 10 people what is AR and you’ll get 10 different answers. So we take the liberal view

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