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Face Tracking is Beyond Reality

Submitted by on Sunday, 15 May 20113 Comments

Earlier in the year I wrote a post to say that 2011 will be the year of face tracking and face recognition. On cue is the latest face tracking SDK from the German based company, Tastenkunst.

Face tracking, unlike face recognition, recognises human faces rather than specific individuals. When a face is detected the software calculates the position and various facial features , eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Once those features have been calculated 3D objects can be overlaid on the face. The 3D objects can be anything you want, glasses, beards, hats etc.  As the user moves their head the 3D objects are position accordingly. You may have tried the We Are Autobots demo created to promote the Transformers movie a year or two back.

You can try a live demo of the SDK from Tastenkunst here:, all you need to do is enable your webcam and try on a variety of accessories.

Many developers of course want to create our try out face tracking for themselves. If that’s the case then on the Beyond Reality link above you’ll find a link to the SDK that can download and incorporated into your own Adobe Flash applications.

James Alliban, one of the leading UK AR developers dropped me a line to let me know he is currently investigating the SDK and is working on a demo, complete with source code to give away at Augmented Planet 2011.  If you haven’t yet booked your place, follow us on Facebook and use the promocode found on our Facebook page to obtain an exclusive event discount.

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  • Marcel Klammer said:

    Thank you for posting about Beyond Reality Face!

    We updated the SDK last Thursday. It now comes with Examples for webcam and singles images. Check it out and send us some feedback! Would love to hear from you.


  • Marcel Klammer said:

    Btw. Could you please add the http:// in front of the app link? Thanks in advance!

  • lester (author) said:

    Done, thanks for pointing that out.

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