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String AR Demos You Need To Try

Submitted by on Monday, 16 May 2011No Comment

Having just finished a post about the amazing String AR SDK I wanted to follow up with a post for those of you who are not developers. If you are looking for some cool augmented reality demos that you can play around with and obtain the much coveted demo God status, take 10 minutes to download the String AR iPhone (iPad) application and prepare to amaze your friends and colleagues. These demos are guaranteed to provide that AR wow factor.

The demos include:

Scrawl – AR drawing

Pharaoh’s Fury  - an augmented reality game

Proto – cute 3D alien

Clayful – mouldable virtual putty

Sneaker – view 3D sneaker (trainer for the rest of us)

The above demos, which I’m sure you’ll agree are pretty amazing, are part of the String Augmented Reality Showcase application that you can download completely free from iTunes. Once you have downloaded you’ll need to print, or point you camera at the markers to trigger the AR. The markers that can be found here.


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