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Hoops AR Android Game

Submitted by on Sunday, 5 June 20113 Comments

Hoops ARBasketball fans with Android phones looking for a little augmented reality action take a look at the new Hoops AR game from Big Playar. The game which is free from the Android Market is a good showcase of augmented reality that will impress your friends and give you hours of entertainment. To play, just print the special marker from the Big Playar website which will become the basketball court when viewed through your Android’s camera.  Once you are all set-up and ready to go, simply attempt to dunk as many balls in the time limit by controlling your on screen character.

Being an AR game of course you can move around the player and the court in 3D and view the action from any angle.  The game will probably appeal more to our USA readers but it still makes a good showcase for anyone with an Android device.

Incidentally,  I tested Hoops AR on a 7” Galaxy Tab and it up scales perfectly. It should make a good test app for Xoom and 10” tablet owners looking for content. (assuming of course it scales beyond 7″).
There are not really any good videos of the game in action. This one is the best if could find.

Hoops AR

Get the game from here:

The game is built using Qualcomm’s augmented reality SDK. You can learn more about the tools here:

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