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CamTranslator – AR Translation For Android

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 July 2011No Comment

There are a few demos that I like to show on those rare occasions when I get let loose in front of an audience to talk about augmented reality. One demo that I always like to show is Word Lens, an augmented reality translator application that uses the camera to recognize text and display the translation in-situ. I always feel guilty however because my demos are almost always exclusively iPhone related.

For Android owners (and for my future reference) CamTranslator is an Android equivalent that translates any language into any other language just by aiming your camera at text and viewing the results. Unfortunately unlike Word Lens the translations are a little on the sucky side. For instance I searched Google for Spanish street signs and found a sign that read ALTO. In Spanish Alto means stop, in CamTranslator our translation read Strop. Other translations we tried insisted on translating to Chinese despite being configured for English. In fairness however decent translation is actually pretty hard to do since you need to have context for the words being translated.

The other problem with the application is each world needs to be translated individually so you have to point the camera at each word in turn, read the translation and move on to the next. Word Lens on the other hand translates all the text in one go and displays the results.

I don’t really recommend the app as it has a long way to go before being useful, but if you have an Android device and want to give augmented reality translation a try then take a look as its free. If you do, be sure to switch to auto-recognize by pressing the eye icon on the left of the screen or you’ll be left  wondering why nothing is happening. Not that I did that.


The app can be installed here:


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