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There’s an AR app for that

Submitted by on Monday, 11 July 2011No Comment

Every now and then I have a hunt to see what new augmented reality applications are around. From time to time I come across some strange ones, for instance the augmented reality pizza slicer application that enables you to cut a pizza into the perfect number of slices so all diners get an even share, or the watermelon tester that enables you to check to see if the watermelon is ripe. It works by placing your iPhone on the melon and tapping it. Apparently it measures the sound waves or something.  Just two of the few odd ways that developers are using augmented reality to help part you with your cash.

To prove that there is an app for just about everything and a new addition to the bizarre category, if you’re into Fung Shui then there’s an augmented reality app to help you arrange your furniture to find the perfect job, find love, achieve the perfect family life.

Fung Shui for love

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