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Zombie Room AR Android Game

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 July 2011One Comment

I have always been a sucker for anything zombie related. Games, books, movies and anything else you can throw at me. When the guys over at No, You Shut Up Games contacted me to tell me about their new AR Zombie game, it was too good an invitation to pass up.

Most AR games involve using your camera to view your surroundings while fighting off hordes of <insert your favorite baddie type here> as they come at you from all angles. You know the type where you wave the phone around frantically while looking like you are being attacked by a swam of invisible bees. Zombie Room AR is different, its a slower paced puzzle game where you pit your wits against a zombie that’s stalking you. But just because its slower it doesn’t mean its not full of suspense and strategy. To survive each level you’ll need to lead the zombie to a trap which needs to be sprung at the just right time, as you progress you are presented with different types of traps.

Of course being an AR game you’ll need to print the tracking image which displays the level, once printed and viewed in your Android’s camera window you’ll see a 3D game room which can me navigated.

If you like puzzle games then the game is well worth a look. The free demo version which can be downloaded for your Android phone here.

For the technical among you, you’ll notice how smooth the tracking is. The game has been developed using the Qualcomm AR SDK and is able to recognizes the tracking image even in pretty poor lighting conditions so there is very few instances where the game disappears. Neat stuff.

Zombie Room AR

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  • bob said:

    So if it doesn’t use any interaction from the real world, why do you need a paper target for anything other than moving the virtual camera around?

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