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AR Games You Need To Try

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 August 2011One Comment

Inch High Stunt Guy
Inch High Stunt Guy is not currently available but it will be making an appearance on Android and iOS in the near future. Developed by Brisbane based games company Defiant Development, the game features an Inch High motorcycle rider who you need to assist in completing stunts such as jumping through hoops or clearing tanks filled with sharks. To help the Inch High Stunt Guy clear each level you’ll need to position ramps and speed-ups around the level. Being an AR game you can view the rider from any angle. From the video below the game definitely has the wow factor with great game play and graphics. The game is high on my most wanted list.

Finally, if you are into the technology behind these games and want to know more (and see more game demos), in this video Jay Wright from Qualcomm talks about AR in more detail.


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