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Find your perfect TV using AR

Submitted by on Tuesday, 23 August 20112 Comments

Last year Samsung ran an augmented reality campaign to help consumers see how their range of flat screen TVs would look on their living room wall. Sony have jumped aboard the AR band wagon and release their own AR TV shopping experience, only different.

In the Samsung campaign the user printed the special AR marker which when viewed with a webcam, the Samsung TV was displayed. Users were able to place the marker on the wall and view the TV in position. As the marker was interpreted in real-time the user could move around the room and view the TV from different angles and get different viewing perspectives. The downside was it wasn’t always convenient to fumble around with a laptop and webcam to view where the TV would be placed.  Sony have taken the approach where the user prints the marker and positions it in location. Once placed in the ideal spot simply take a photo of the scene using a camera and upload the photo to the Sony AR website for the AR magic to happen.

The AR web service positions the TV over the marker and scales the TV accordingly. You can choose between different sized TVs at the click of a button so you can figure out the optimal size. As a really nice touch you can select the TV program displayed enabling you to choose the perfect model for sports and movies.

I’d always fancied a 70” screen but have found that sadly I wouldn’t be able to open the living room door.
Choose the perfect TV size

You can test the campaign for yourself here –

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  • Talking Dog AR said:

    Interesting project and useful tool. To bad it’s not realtime instead of their upload a photo idea.

  • lester (author) said:

    I’m kind of in two minds. The realtime aspect is great but fiddly. Taking a picture and showing the wife the results works really well.

    She hasn’t agreed to a new tv mind but it was an easier sell than trying to track a marker while selling her the benefits :-)

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