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junaio 3.0: The next step in mobile AR

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 August 2011No Comment

When Google released Google Goggles a year or so back I’m sure it caught many of the incumbent AR browser providers off guard. Goggles in case you don’t know is an image recognition application that enables the user to scan images of wine labels, works of art or even architecture and have the image identified. The biggest grumble developers have with Goggles however is there is no way  to gain access to the library of images or to extend the Goggles client. The good news for developers and users alike is junaio 3.0 nudges the junaio browser a step closer to Goggles and offers some unique additional functionality.

junaio has been around for a few years now, it originally started life as an augmented reality social networking browser where communities of users could drop 3D objects in the virtual world and others could add to the 3D scene. It was actually fun to see what people were doing with your scenes and how it was being extended.  In version 2.0 junaio moved away from the ‘creating 3D scenes’ landscape and became its own augmented reality browser enabling users to locate their nearest restaurant, bar, or other geo-code content, and also became the first AR browser to support natural feature tracking to bring printed content to life.

Version 3.0 builds on the previous success and adds a number of new features including the ability to recognise 1D barcode (the kind you find on the back of products in your kitchen) and QR Codes. The barcode functionality is an interesting addition as not only does it recognise the product but should you scan a humble can of baked beans, it is able to give you recipes ideas based on the other ingredients you scan to help you cook the perfect meal. Perfect for trying to figure out what to do with those left over cans stashed away at the back of the kitchen cupboard.

junaio has always had a great image recognition engine that enables users to recognise images and either display 3D objects, link to videos or websites, but version 3.0 takes this concept a little further. Now any object can be viewed in the junaio client and once the scan button is pressed, further information about the object can be retrieved. There is no messing around with trying to figure out which channel to load making it even easier to find content. This works as long as the image is in the junaio or a partners database but you can see the comparisons here with Google Goggles as developers or companies with large amounts of image resources can now expose those through the junaio client.

The updated junaio client can be downloaded free for both iOS and Android from the respective store. It’s the essential app for any iPhone/iPad or Android user.

junaio 3.0 in action

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