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Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards Nominations

Submitted by on Wednesday, 12 October 20113 Comments

As it’s getting to the end of the year it’s time to start thinking about the annual Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards. The only place where you vote for your favourite augmented reality experience of 2011

This year we’ll do things a bit differently and are inviting you to nominate the nominees for each category. Last year we had open voting and had a disturbing amount of people entering Firefox as their favourite AR browser, so this year we’ll be a little more restrictive.

If there is any app, tool, hardware or marketing experience you think must be included please nominate it here.

This years categories are:

  • Best Augmented Reality Browser
  • Best Augmented Reality Game
  • Best Augmented Reality Hardware
  • Best Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign
  • Best Augmented Reality Application
  • Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool / SDK

Voting will open in November via the Augmented Planet website for the community to vote for their favourite from the list with the winners being announced in December.

Please do take the time to nominate who should be entered into the voting.

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  • Steve said:

    browsers, layer, wikitude, junaio
    apps, goggles, word lens,
    marketing, redbull. the one where you use the cans for the race track is the only one i remember

  • Tim said:

    Best Augmented Reality Browser:

    Best Augmented Reality Hardware:
    -iPhone 4 or PS Vita

    Best Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign:
    -Pocky (Japanese campaign using Arara’s ARappli browser)

    Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool / SDK:

  • Sean Oageng said:

    Augmented Planet Reader Choice Awards 2011

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