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AR Defender The Benchmark in AR Gaming

Submitted by on Friday, 25 November 2011No Comment

Recently there have been a number of great augmented reality games hit the market that extend the genre beyond just turning on the devices camera for the sake of being called ‘augmented reality’. One of the games that set’s the benchmark in what augmented reality gaming should be is AR Defender from French company int13.

AR Defender is a marker based game with the simple concept of defending your tower from invaders.  In the latest release this puts you up against hordes of Halloween style invaders intent on overrunning your tower. Fortunately you have at your disposal a range of weapons to keep the hordes at bay, but you’ll need to use your weapons wisely to reach the end of the level. Enemy hordes will come at you from all angles and you’ll need to take them out before they get close enough to do any damage.

Being an augmented reality game you are able to move around your tower and view the action from any angle. Unlike other games you never feel that augmented reality has been used for the sake of it, here it adds real value as the ability to quickly move around your surroundings is essential to the game-play.

int13 have done a great job in creating this classic shooter. It’s great fun and should be considered an essential game for any gamer.

AR Defender

AR Defender is available as a universal iOS app for £0.69/$0.99, the Samsung Wave II (bada) for free, and is slated for a November 2011 Android release.

Get it here: 

Android (coming soon)


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