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Change The Way You Shop With Webcam Social Shopper

Submitted by on Monday, 21 November 20113 Comments

Some years back I went to the first ARE event in San Mateo I had the pleasure of meeting with the guys from Zugara and seeing a live demo of their Webcam Social Shopper application. At the time I remember being impressed with the technology and the ramifications on how it will change the way we shop in the future.

Zugara has been busy it seems, In the UK the Webcam Social Shopper technology is now live and being used by online retail outfit, Banana Flame. Visitors to the Banana Flame website are able to try on a wide range of outfits simply by using their webcam and exploring the product range. Using gesture recognition the user is able to adjust the size of the garment and take pictures.

There are a lot of companies try to crack this ‘tryvertizing’ space where consumers are able to interact with products before they buy. Until now many of these installations have largely been gimmicky or prototypes but the Social Shopper functionality used by Banana Flame seems to have got the mix just right.

Thanks to Social Shopper this coat wont be on my Christmas list.

Its incredibly intuitive to use and being Flash based it doesn’t require any special downloads.

You can try the solution for yourself at, just browse the catalogue and you’ll come across the option to “see how it looks”. This is not a phrase I thought I’d be saying when I woke up this morning, but in the interest of testing the software I was able to try several dresses from the comfort of my living room and the wife didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Zugara are leading the pack when it comes to the gesture lead tryvertizing shopping experience and the website is definitely worth viewing to experience the future of shopping, but if you’re not a modern man in touch with your feminine side, you can see the solution in action below.

Social Shopper

Zugara have published some interesting usability data to support the fact that this technology adds real value to the shopping experience.(source:


  • Females that shop online, age 17 – 24.


  • Nearly 2/3rds of participants said that WSS would help them in making a purchase decision.


  • Users were asked the question: “if an online store had this product, how interested would you be in using it?” Over 83% of users answered between “Interested” and “Very Interested”.
  • Users were asked the question: “How interested do you think your friends would be in using it?” 88% of users answered between “Interested” and “Very Interested”.
  • When the users first viewed WSS “the typical initial reaction was a surprised exclamation.”
  • It took first time users about two minutes to understand, and become comfortable with the motion capture interface.


  • We also were able to learn where our product needed improvement.  Much of our learnings have already been integrated into our brand new online demo: – we’d love to know your thoughts on it!

If you’d like more details on the usability testing, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Zugara.

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  • Mask Shop said:

    The webcam social shopper app is a step into the right direction, offering potential benefits for both, customers and online shop owners. For example if customers are able to find the clothes that suits them, the online retailer might be able to decrease the amount of returns.

  • » In the Future, We Will Wear the Internet said:

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  • Sharon Thomas said:

    Using a webcam Social shopper is a great way to shop. The article gives a detailed knowledge on the subject and it is nice to know that they target females within 17-24.

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