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RC vCar The Next Best Thing To Owning A Car

Submitted by on Monday, 21 November 2011No Comment

AR CarIf the sky-high cost of fuel has put you off owning a car, the next best thing is owning a virtual car. RC vCar from Pop Culture Software is an entertainment based application that displays a virtual car in the camera window of your iPhone. Using the virtual joystick on your iOS device you are able to control the cars movement, lights and horn.

The app comes in two flavours. A free lite version which includes 1 car and no gaming aspect. Here you get to drive the car around any flat surface much like you would any RC car.  The full version which retails for £0.69 ($0.99) includes 8 cars, each of which can be customized and a gaming aspect which involves avoiding obstacles and collecting virtual coins.


AR Cars

  • Formula 1
  • Nascar
  • Go-cart
  • Baja Ram pickup
  • Audi racer
  • Pink convertible
  • Police car (with working light bar)
  • School bus (with working stop lights)


As the game doesn’t require a marker it can be played anywhere and on any surface. The augmented realityness of the game reminds me of early AR shooters such as AR Invaders. The gameplay takes place in the camera window but there is no interaction with real objects so it’s possible to drive off a table or through objects. Still for the meagre asking price it a bit of AR car based fun.

Try the lite version here or jump straight into the full version here.

RC vCar In Action

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