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The Mercedes-Benz AR Experience

Submitted by on Friday, 25 November 2011No Comment

Mercedes-Benz is the latest brand to get in on augmented reality bandwagon with the launch of not one but two augmented reality applications for iOS and Android. Unfortunately neither app is particularly impressive.

If you are new to augmented reality then no doubt you’ll find the experience of bringing a rather impressively rendered 3D object to life just by pointing your device at the special marker rather magical, but if you are one of this blogs regular readers you’ll no doubt think that AR has moved on a long way from what these applications do. For example, the AR Bike application simply displays a 3D bike with no interaction. The AR C-Class application fares a little better as you are able to customise the 3D model with a limited number of trims and spoilers, but the effect on the car is so negligible they are hardly visible.

Good AR campaigns should offer some interactivity to encourage users to come back for more and enough wow factor to make them want to show them to their friends. Both these apps are a classic example of a failed opportunity. How much better would the C Class app have been with the option to customize the cars colour, change the allow wheels, open the hood/bonnet, trunk/boot or doors?

The apps are free if you want to give them a go. Download from the respective store here:

Print or view the respective marker from here

Mercedes-Benz Apps In Action

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