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Readers Choice Awards 2011 – Results

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 December 20114 Comments

Every year at Augmented Planet we ask you, the augmented reality community to vote across a selection of categories related to augmented reality to find the best experiences of the year. Nominations for awards are also solicited from the community; therefore we can confidently say that these represent the best examples of augmented reality for 2011.

Before we get to the winners we would like to thank our awards sponsors NAVTEQ for their support and prizes.

The NAVTEQ Network for Developers™ (NN4D) empowers application developers with the knowledge and resources needed to create the hottest, most differentiated location-based products. You can access technical resources, support and business development services to build and market location-aware apps for Web, mobile, automotive, GIS and enterprise markets worldwide. Join NN4D for free at

As NAVTEQ enable developers to build powerful location aware applications we invited them to select the very best augmented reality application built using their platform to receive a special award.

Best Augmented Reality Chosen by NAVTEQ
Augmented Reality in-car navigationNAVTEQ have chosen Virtual Cable from MVS as the winner of the special award. Virtual Cable is an in-car navigation application that displays the route via a custom fitted HUD on the dashboard. Unlike traditional GPS devices which require the user to take their eye off the road to check the route, Virtual Cable users are able to see the route overlaid directly on the road. Augmented reality and navigation go together like hand and glove and this is an excellent example of a compelling production ready solution in action. We’ll do a follow up on the Virtual Cable solution in the New Year, but for now congratulations to MVS. For more information including videos take a look at their website.

Best Augmented Reality Browser 2011
There are literally hundreds of AR browsers available for the iPhone and Android but this category was always going to be a three way fight between junaio, Layar and Wikitude as these three giants have a huge community of users.  Wikitude has been crowned best augmented reality browser for two years in succession, this year our readers have voted as followed:

Yet again our readers have voted Wikitude as the Best Augmented Reality Browser for the third consecutive year. Amazing stuff, Wikitude obviously have a excellent community of users behind them to continue to dominate this category. Wikitude is available for iOS, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry. Click here to install for your mobile device.

Interestingly, last year over 28% of voters had not used an augmented reality browser. This year that figure has fallen to just 14% showing a big increase in usage of mobile AR browsers.

Best Augmented Reality Game 2011
We asked you to vote for your favourite augmented reality gaming experience across mobile and the web. With so many excellent games to choose from voting was tight.

Congratulations to Optricks on their ground breaking natural feature tracking iOS game which uses coins to create the gaming surface. You can read our review of AR Pirates here, If you haven’t already downloaded the game it is available for free from iTunes (link).

54% of responders have yet to experience augmented reality gaming so there would appear to be a huge opportunity for the games developer.

Best Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign 2011
In 2011 the use of augmented reality in sales and marketing has continued to increase with some excellent examples of interactivity. This year we asked to you vote for your favourite campaign and you voted as followed:

The Galleo interactive TV campaign created using junaio was amongst my favourite campaigns of 2011 and a worthy winner.  You can read more about how this campaign impressed us here, we have no doubt this is going to change the way we intact with TV in the future. The Red Bull Racing campaign was also among my favourites, congratulations to and if you haven’t done so already, grab a can of Red Bull and the Red Bull Racing app from the store and have some fun.

Best Augmented Reality Application 2011
This category was open to everything except augmented reality browsers as being so popular they have a tendency to skew the vote. In this category you voted:

Congratulations to Wikitude who scoop their second award by beating the category favourites, Google.
Wikitude Drive is a revolution in mobile navigation with its unique display providing the driving route over a live view of the road. Available exclusively for Android devices with maps covering multiple countries you can learn more here.

With both Wikitude Drive and Virtual Cable scooping awards for in-car navigation,  I think these products are definitely changing the navigation game.  Using an old fashioned device will never be the same.

Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool or SDK 2011
Many of Augmented Planets readers are developers or content providers so this year we invited votes from this segment of the community to find out what tools developer are using to build their augmented reality experiences. There are a lot of excellent tools on the market and the landscape for developers is certainly changing with many of the tools now becoming free.

For this category we asked our readers to vote for their favourite AR developer tool or SDK. 78% of those that responded to the survey are developers/content providers and the votes were as followed:

These results threw up some surprises as we were expecting the votes to be contested by String, metaio, Qualcomm and Total Immersion as these tools represent the most powerful options for building natural feature tracking application.

My opinion here is Wikitude is the clear favourite amongst the content provider community as it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build location aware browser content while the metaio Mobile SDK is the favourite with the natural feature tracking developer community. Therefore with that in mind we’ll make a somewhat last minute but ever so slight revision to the award category:

Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool or SDK (Location Aware) 2011

  • Wikitude

Best Augmented Reality Developer Tool or SDK (Natural Feature Tracking) 2011

  • metaio Mobile SDK

So there you have it, the official list of the best augmented reality from 2011 as chosen by our readers. It’s been another great year for Wikitude who retained their status as best augmented reality browser for a third amazing year in succession and for metaio who also scoop two awards. It just remains for us to say thank you to everyone that took the time to vote and congratulations to all the winners and of course to Marie Geffroy who was the winner the Parrot AR Drone.

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