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Take the GoldRun Challenge

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 December 2011One Comment

GoldRun if you haven’t tried it is an augmented reality application for the iPhone that enables you to interact with virtual objects placed around the city. Unlike other apps that encourage users to interact with their surroundings, GoldRun offers you rewards for participating. The more stuff you interact with (or grab) the more rewards you can earn. GoldRun rewards take the form of store discounts, free downloads, or access to exclusive events. So it’s worth taking a look.

Over the last few days I have had a few announcements from various source informing me about some of their latest campaigns. In Smurfone of those weird coincidences we rented the Smurfs movie a few days back and one of the campaigns was promoting the Smurfs so I decided to take a look.

The Smurfs GoldRun campaign gives you the opportunity to have a photo taken with your choice of Smurf. Once you select the Smurf campaign from the GoldRun app the Smurf is placed in the camera window giving you the opportunity to capture a photo. Unlike some of the other campaigns this one is not limited to any particular city so you can try it from anywhere.

The great thing about GoldRun is it really is a fun way for you to explore your city as some campaigns are specific to a particular location. For example, if you are in the LA area you can experience the Swarovski ‘Let It Sparkle’ campaign where you can have your photo taken with Swarovski merchandise. Once you have completed the campaign you win a free gift with a purchase from a Swarovski store.

If you are not in the LA area but fancy winning some jewellery you can also try Tweeting a holiday greeting with the hashtag #letitsparkle. Tweets will be shown on Rodeo Drive and fans around the world can watch the tweets via a livestream camera on the brands’ Facebook page. Every Friday there will be a prize draw for some sparking goodies. Here is a link to the Facebook page with all info: about the competition.

GoldRun is a unique combination of exploration, shopping and marketing, it’s free and covers content from various cities and countries so take a look and see what you can win.

Grab GoldRun for the iPhone here

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