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Developing Augmented Reality Applications is Obvious

Submitted by on Monday, 6 February 2012No Comment

Obvious EngineAfter writing a book last year on developing content for augmented reality browsers using Layar, junaio and Wikitude, I’m pleased to say that I will shortly be starting a more ambitious book project focused on natural feature tracking and face recognition.

Currently there are no shortages of augmented reality tools for developers, so my new book will cover all the latest platforms and how they can be used. Think of it as a ‘choosing the right augmented reality tool’ guide and how to developer augmented reality applications for the iPhone (Android version also in planning). Obviously there is a long way to go but the contract has been delivered so now it’s just a case of getting my head down and doing some research.

One of the latest tools to come to my attention is the Obvious Engine which was the engine used in the recent Chatterbucks iPhone application . The application if you missed it (more here) brings money to life. As you can see from the video below it looks pretty impressive.

Obvious Engine

The home page for the Obvious Engine is: obviousengine.comThere are not a lot of details on the engine but it looks good nether the less and could be a worthy chapter to include in the book project.

For other AR developer tools, please take a look at our AR tools section.

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