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Wikitude 7.0 Augmented Reality Browser

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 May 2012No Comment

The award winning augmented reality browser; Wikitude has recently been completely refreshed and the shiny new version 7.0  is  available in the various app stores.

Wikitude if you haven’t used it before is an augmented reality browser that displays a variety of content live in the camera window. Using Wikitude you can find anything from who is tweeting to the locations of the nearest pubs and bars around your current location. Unlike a map, Wiktude uses the camera to present the information so the locations are overlaid in augmented reality.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, the first thing that will strike you with the new version is the new featured screen which looks absolutely amazing. It reminds me of the Android Marketplace screen. Presenting featured content in such a graphical way simply begs the user to interact with the content and to explore.

While the new look and feel will get most of the attention, under the hood there is also a number of improvements. For example, 7.0 now supports location based triggers, audio and animation. Location triggers in particular are exciting because they enable actions to occur when a user visits a location. A developer could for example trigger an audio recording of a famous landmark when the user comes within range. Developers are also able to build their own user interface in CSS/HTML/Javascript so buttons can be placed on the screen to perform custom actions. This gives the developer more control over content and limits design only to the imagination.

The Wiktude browser has been voted AR browser of the year for 3 consecutive years so the formula is working, the new version is definitely staking an claim early to make that  a record breaking 4. If you haven’t looked at Wikitude for a while, or if you want to try out an augmented reality browser then the new Wikitude is well worth a look.

Wikitude is available for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • BackBerry
  • WP7
  • Symbian

Download links are here:

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