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Augmented Reality Glasses – Over Hyped?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 20 June 20125 Comments

Last week I was at AR Summit in London running a panel session on augmented reality and the opportunities for developers. Of course no discussion on AR would be complete without touching on Googles AR glasses so I asked the audience who will buy Googles AR glasses when they are released.  I was surprised that out of 100 or so people only 8 or 9 were actually interested. To separate the Google fanboys from the Apple crowd I asked how many in the audience would buy an AR glasses system if there were made by Apple. I was even more surprised since only about 3 people raised their hand.

Out of a 100 people the total number of potential early adopters was around 15. That’s pretty low considering how much excitement they seem to be generating.

Would you buy a pair if they hit the shelves tomorrow?

I found this, a humorous take on life for early adopters.

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  • David Brydon said:


    I only recently found your site after searching for the top AR blogs and I love some of your articles however I am concerned at the lack of new articles. After over a month of waiting for a new article, all we get is a paragraph about potential early adopters to the Google glasses?! I am a bit disappointed.

    My passion is AR and I review the internet several times a day looking for news. Would you like help writing articles for this blog?

    David Brydon

  • lester (author) said:

    Hi David

    Yeah I know I have been slack blogging lately. Long story, but I would love some help if you are keen to blog too. For some reason your email address wasn’t in the backend. So drop me an email to lester at augmentedplanet dot com and we’ll see how you can help


  • Gyasi sutton said:

    It might have to do with it making someone look more geeky than before. I for one plan on being an early adopter, for those long plane rides or days at the gym… Think of eyewear that can stream Netflix or Hulu, and especially important for me stream P90x or insanity work sessions(that would be killer forget the trainer) or have sports specific workouts where you see a defender coming at you or you have to defend..whoever designs this first is going to make a lot of money….it’s probably going to be Nike, but I wish it were me. Or another killer idea is to have an NFC function with NFC stickers put in you bag or wallet,books or others essentials so if your late and running out the door, an alert pops up saying you forgot your wallet or books for class. Schedules, AR reminders if you pass a store to buy milk, the possibilities for this i think will only depend on the hardware

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