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Dude, Where’s My C-AR

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 June 2012No Comment

park me right - ARI have only ever lost my car once, it was after arriving in Las Vegas after a long international flight. After waiting in line for a hire car for the best part of an hour, I blindly accepted it and drove to my hotel where I slept like a champion. The problem came when I went looking for it a few days later and only then did I realise I didn’t even know what colour it was let alone where I left it. I searched for nearly 2 hours in the casino car park until I eventually found what I assume was the right one.

Park Me Right from surf studio attempts to help avoid life’s little lost car mysteries by combining augmented reality and location. The idea is when you get out of the car you record the location and can find your way back using augmented reality. Fortunately, while that functionality is useful in itself, the app will also help you find places to park and calculate the parking time you have remaining. Great for helping you avoid those big unwanted yellow stickers on the windscreen or worse.

One feature that would be nice to add would be an alert that takes into account how long it will take you to walk back to the car so you can make it back in time to top up the meter.

We don’t review that many Android apps so it gives me pleasure to say, Park Me Right is a free Android application which you can get from here:


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