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GlorAR Augmented Reality Tagging

Submitted by on Tuesday, 26 June 2012No Comment

glorar browserWhile augmented reality browsers are numerous, dedicated augmented reality browsers that let you drop 3D models in cyberspace  are few and far between. The aptly named GlorAR is an iOS application that lets a user upload a 3D model to the GlorAR website, provide the lat/long where they want it positioned and once it has been added other users within the area can view it on their iOS device.

The technology isn’t necessarily aimed at consumers although there are numerous consumers out there uploading content, instead the company (AR23D Studio) are encouraging companies to think about the business usages such as demonstrating how land will look when it has been developed or tourism services.

GlorAR is entirely location based and doesn’t require any markers. Check it out here:


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