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Layar Creator – Code Free Augmented Reality

Submitted by on Wednesday, 20 June 2012No Comment

When it comes to creating augmented reality experiences, thanks to numerous companies fighting to put augmented reality into the hands of the masses, AR is no long the domain of the developer. But with the release of Layar Creator, Layar haven’t just raised the code free bar, they have run off with it.

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet up with Claire Boonstra from Layar at AR Summit in London to get a live demo of the Layar Creator tool that makes the process of creating natural feature tracking AR experiences simple. So simple that all you need to create amazing interactive experiences is to upload the tracking image to the Creator website and then add buttons you want overlaid when the image is recognised by the Layar client. Unlike other similar AR tools, the focus here is less on displaying 3D graphics but instead on making print a truly interactive medium. To prove the point Layar are keen to downplay AR all together and instead refer to the experience as activating print.

Once you have upload your image it’s a simple matter of adding buttons and assigning them actions.  For example, you could display a button that when clicked takes the user to a YouTube video where they can watch a video interview, enable the user to share the content via their social media sites or even send the user to your website where they can be fed into other related programs. Experiences like this literary takes seconds to create and require no programing knowledge.

If the ease of creating content wasn’t enough, Layar have created an entire campaign management dashboard where you can obtain stats about how users are engaging with your content so you’ll be able to see exactly what material works for your audience.

What is exciting about the technology is the shift towards fusing print with AR without 3D graphics being the entire focal point. Using Layar Creator, AR perfectly complements the print experience and mobile devices.

Layar Creator is offered both free (supported by ads) and chargeable (no ads) on a per page basis. Currently the no ads model is free until the 1st August 2012

For more information on Layar Creator take a look at:

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