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Train A Corgi The Augmented Reality Way

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 June 2012No Comment

corgi augmented realityCorgi’s, the Queens pet of choice. If they are good enough for royalty then thanks to augmented reality you can have your own royal pet without the expense or the need for nigh time walkies

MyRoyalCorgi from ARworks is a free iOS application that is triggered by a UK bank note, once activated a Cori is shown in the camera window which can be petted and trained to do tricks. In a rather neat approach, each bank note triggers a different augmented reality experience and enables you to teach the dog a different trick. The £5 for example will allow you to teach the dog how to sit while the £10 will teach the dog to lie down.

The emphasis is on training the dog, before you can convince it to perform you’ll need to pet it or coax it into performing with a bone. Just like a real dog, it wants to feel loved.


The app is free for iOS and can be installed from iTunes from this link:

For those of you that don’t have access to UK banks notes to trigger the experience you can access a PDF here.

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