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browsAR The New Kid On The Block

Submitted by on Wednesday, 19 September 20122 Comments

browsarIt seems like every day a new image recognition application hits either Android Play or the App Store. The latest app to muscle in on the action for both platforms is browsAR from gravityjack.

Like other applications in the same vein, you’ll find the usual mix of recognising QR Codes, images such as pictures and products, but also a new breed of advanced QR Codes known as QAR (Quick Augmented Reality).

QAR’s look like a standard QR Code but are able to trigger an AR experience such as playing a video, displaying a photo or linking to your Facebook profile. Experiences are easy to create. Simply upload the desired action and select the trigger image type, either a picture or the system will generate a QAR for you. Once created you can add the image to anything you want. For example a QAR could be added to a business card and once scanned the users Facebook page would be superimposed over the image instead of simply linking to the page like a traditional QR Code. Pretty neat and easy to do


browsAR In Action

browsAR – The World’s Best Augmented Reality Browser, brought to you by Gravity Jack! from Gravity Jack on Vimeo.


You can try out browsAR for free. Click here for Android and here for iOS and create create your QAR at the website here.

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