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From King Of Beers To King Of AR

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 September 20122 Comments

If you haven’t stumbled across the Blippar application in either the App Store or Google Play, it’s time to take a look. Blippar is an augmented reality application aimed at bring print to life and making it interactive. A relatively new comer to the AR scenes, Blippar launched in 2011 in the UK and the company has already been working with an impressive list of worldwide brands including Budweiser.

The latest campaign sees Budweiser and NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick partner with Blippar to create an AR experience that enables consumers to interact with the Budweiser logo. Simply install the free application to your Android or iOS device, point the camera at the Budweiser logo and you trigger an interactive experience that enables you to watch behind the scenes content from the world of NASCAR racing or even have your picture taken with Kevin Harvick himself.

The digital print example is pretty good, especially the Harvick photo opportunity so its well worth taking a look. Particularly if you’re a NASCAR fan. Blippar also looks pretty impressive, as you are scanning an image and while the image is being recognized the app performs a rather cool animation that highlights key areas of the image it has recognized. It reminds me of a terminator locking on to a target.

You can watch the Budweiser experience here.

You can give the free app a go yourself by downloading from here: iOS, Android, and then pointing at the Budweiser logo below.

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  • Yuri said:

    gimmick, as usual. What’s the added value here ?

  • Budweiser king said:

    That’s great you can give the free app a go yourself by downloading from here: iOS, Android, and then pointing at the Budweiser logo.

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