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Urban Troops – Real First Person Shooter

Submitted by on Thursday, 20 September 20122 Comments

If you like first person shooters in the Call of Duty or Counter Strike vein then you’ll love Urban Troops, a multi player FPS game that takes place in the real world.

To play the game, each player will need an Android device. The game activates the devices GPS and each player’s position is displayed on a map. From there the Urban Troops game acts as a HUD showing the locations of the various players and your current weapons system. It’s then up to you to hunt down the enemy and take them out why they are hunting you. If you run in to difficulty, at the touch of a button you are able to call up your team members and let them know you’re in trouble in the hope that they’ll come to your rescue. As you make kills, you’ll get promoted and acquire higher military ranks so you have the extra incentive of being the best and earning bragging rights.

To have the most fun with Urban Troops you’ll need to have a few players, but if you can get together a group of friends it looks like a lot of fun.

The game from Future Reality Games is shown below. Note the game is called Urban Troops but in the video it’s referred to as ShootAR which is its title in Poland. You can get the game from here:

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  • Carri said:

    Thanks for finally writing about > Urban Troops –
    Real First Person Shooter | Augmented Planet < Liked it!

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