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Jack Hunter – The Augmented Reality Adventure

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 April 2014One Comment

On Amazon, you’ll find a few augmented reality enabled books, everything from interacting with dinosaurs, swimming with shark to exploring the wonders of the solar system. iBO have sent me what they call ‘the worlds first interactive augmented reality book’. So, what’s different?

Unlike the existing crop of AR books on Amazon, Jack Hunter – The French Connection written by Martin King, is a novel featuring Jack, a twelve-year-old ordinary boy who gets caught up in the middle of a robbery. So begins a thrilling adventure filled with Russian gangsters, stolen jewellery, a super villain and if you’re not content with just reading about Jack’s adventure, you can experience them for yourself thanks to the AR.

What is unique about the Jack Hunter – The French Connection is AR is not used just to bring few elements of book to life, for example, to visualize a location. Instead the book contains a well thought out interactive AR experience that lets you explore locations from the book and solve puzzles.

The AR experience is activated by using the Jack Hunter application available for iOS and Android devices. Once installed, the camera is used to scan one of the special images contained in the chapters, each of which triggers a unique AR gaming experience.

The puzzles themselves can be pretty challenging and you’ll need to have been paying attention to what Jack has been doing in the story in order to make any progress. In fact you can’t just tackle the AR puzzles, as you’ll be required to have solved the previous puzzle before you can unlock the next level. Puzzles come in different guises, for example, you may have to navigate a 3D world using your devices gyroscope to look around at what is essentially a very impressive 3D environment and find objects to help with your quest, or you may have to assemble a 3D puzzle in order to proceed.

While Jack Hunter – The French Connection is aimed at young teens, the AR aspect is certain to appeal to gamers and AR enthusiasts alike. To give you a flavour of what’s in store, you can download the first 6 chapters and the first puzzle from the official Jack Hunter games website here:

From an AR perspective, this is a well thought out example of how AR should be used to provide an immersive and engaging experience for the user. Normally I see a lot of examples where AR has been thrown in at the last minute, so .it’s refreshing to see campaigns where the user experience has been carefully considered. For the future I hope we see similar examples that are experienced by Google Glass or perhaps someday, immersive Oculus Rift experiences of Jack’s adventures.

Jack Hunter Games

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