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AR Glasses Workshop

Submitted by on Monday, 22 September 2014No Comment

No doubt about it, there is a huge amount of interest in AR glasses with many of you eager to get your hands on a pair to try. But unless you are lucky enough to know someone who owns a pair, opportunities can be fairly limited

As we start to finalise the agenda for Augmented Planet 2014, I’m please to announce, Andreas Hauser from Wikitude will be running a 60-minute “Customized AR SDKs for Smart Glasses“ workshop. The workshop will focus on AR Glasses and how their new and unique interfaces change the way we use, develop, and interact with augmented reality

The workshop is a must for anyone who wants to try a variety of AR Glasses, and for developers looking to understand some of the key challenges compared to AR on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The workshop will be split into 2 parts.

The 1st half hour will consist of an introduction to the different kinds of AR Glasses currently available in the market and their peculiarities (see-through vs non-see-through, monocular vs binocular etc.). It will also cover an introduction into the software (SDKs and applications) available to develop for and use AR Glasses.

The 2nd half hour will allow the participants to get hands-on with AR glasses and some demo applications. Participants will be able to try the Glasses themselves to get a full overview on what is currently possible.

If you want try out various AR Glasses and learn how you can build your own AR enabled applications, make sure you book your place at Augmented Planet 2014 now. It’s free to attend and takes place on the 17th November in London.


Keep your eye on the Augmented Planet Event website for as we announce more speakers and content.


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