This year, the construction industry construction equipment used in Shihezi economic and Technological Development Zone Construction of the new site construction area of over construction machinery dealer construction apps 3000 square meters, you must install the electronic monitoring system "terminal platform" and video monitoring points. In March construction equipment hire 27th, the construction industry construction machinery market work conference in 2015 held in Shihezi economic and Technological Development Zone construction machinery india Management, to production and project construction cost estimating this year, the quality of construction safety construction equipment finance management has made the comprehensive deployment and arrangements. The meeting request, the construction general contracting units to be combined with the construction machinery australia actual situation of the respective contracting the project, in the specified time, must complete the company monitoring center "three level platform" construction work this year, ensure that the remote monitoring management of construction machinery industry the construction construction equipment machinery construction company site of the normal. In 2015, the main target of Shihezi building economic and Technological Development Zone industry is, the total output construction jobs value of construction industry exceeded 8000000000 yuan, increasing the value exceeded 500000000 yuan, paid taxes 100000000 yuan breakthrough, striving for the autonomous region, the corps level quality engineering 2, construction machinery equipment the autonomous region, the corps level safety production standardization demonstration project 3, project of one-time examination qualified rate reached more than 98%, construction safety accident death rate was 0. Promote green building energy conservation work, in order to optimize the construction industry and upgrading of industrial structure as the center, to comprehensively strengthen the market supervision and construction excavator law enforcement, improve the administrative efficiency construction machinery in india of supervision, standardize the order of the construction market, perfect the digital remote electronic monitoring system construction, to create a new situation in building management, sustainable and stable development of construction industry. In recent years, Shihezi economic and Technological Development Zone attaches great importance to construction safety and project quality, last year, registered 14 home construction hand tools list construction general contracting enterprises outside the area, registration of construction layout tools the 13 construction general contracting enterprises, 9 commodity concrete professional contracting enterprises, annual production of death accidents did not occur together, no fire, special equipment mechanical accident. In addition, also the successful completion of the Shihezi construction equipment uk economic and Technological Development Zone, the eight division of the Shihezi City Commission issued 2014 annual production safety work target. Throughout the construction construction equipment management estimating construction heavy machinery year, no major quality accident of construction construction machinery construction equipment uk manufacturers engineering supervision in place, work rate, final acceptance rate for the record the trial reported rate reached 100%, at present, construction equipments list the Shihezi economic and Technological Development Zone all construction construction machinery in india equipment news construction project quality safety construction machinery co in a controlled state. It is reported, this year, the construction of basic construction equipment manufacturer database of Shihezi economic and Technological Development Zone will also accelerate the unity of projects, enterprises, personnel and credit, as soon as possible and autonomous region construction market supervision and the integrity of construction equipment machinery information systems and docking, according to "autonomous district engineering construction supervision and credit management platform construction work programme", improve the credit system construction enterprise.